Our digital world needs a new way to capture, utilise and exchange asset data.

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Join our mission to streamline building operations with AI-powered products so people can focus on meaningful tasks for your business.

Having accurate and comprehensive data is essential for building operations. Whether you're looking for the right part or the correct manual, you need to be able to find what you need when you need it. This even extends to delivering our services and reporting to our clients. Both of us (Thanos & Harry) have lived with this pain and have been looking for a solution for years. Unfortunately, you have to either live with messy data (because it's too much of a hassle to collect and maintain them) or spend a lot of money and resources to get an organised dataset.

This reality is not only affecting our day to day businesses but is also stifling innovation. AI-IoT and AR/VR applications are ready to take off, but we need to fuel them with the correct data for them to function. Data that is correct, relevant, and affordable.

This is what we want to change with bindbops, and we invite you to join our journey by signing up for our closed beta.

The Founding Team

Harry Mylonadis

Thanos Daskalopoulos

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